Seed Potatoes Arrive

My order of seed potatoes arrived today from Potato Services Ireland in Tullamore. I’ll be growing Home Guard and Duke of York as first earlies, British Queens as second earlies and a small amount of Record as a maincrop. I am not growing a large maincrop this year as I do not have the facilities to store them at the moment. Hopefully I will next year.


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    Peggy said,

    Hi, That is a good amount of potatoes to get in!We are not doing main crop this year only first and second earlies. We dont have enough ground to leave aside for them and the danger of blight yet again is off putting, having early potatoes when they are most expensive is a more attractive option.

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      blackvillage said,

      I got 350Kg in all to grow for sale, I’ll be getting in more maincrop to grow for myself though, probably Kerr’s Pink, Roosters and King Edward’s (not just for my consumption). You’re definitely better off growing just earlies if that’s all you’ve got the space for. What varieties are you growing?

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