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This year I am starting a market gardening business in North Kerry, growing vegetables for a local farmers market. This will be a journal of my progress.

I will be growing a variety of vegetables on approximately 3 acres. I use organic methods but right now I am not considering organic certification. At the moment my philosophy is that food being local and people knowing where their food is coming from and who is growing it, is more important than it being organic. I believe that if people know you and come to trust you, then there is no need for organic certification.

I have grown vegetables previously on a small scale for my own consumption but have no experience of growing commercially.


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    walltoall said,

    Your philosophy as outlined above is bang on. But be sure to establish the philosophy on your stall as well. Best of luck with the venture. ou deserve to succeed.

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    James said,

    Well done so far, i hope that you have found that there is market demand for your vegatables. They certainly look better than the mass produced stuff.
    I would like to set up a similar enterprise, initially on a smaller scale, can you tell me if you need to comply or prove compliance to any regulations? Do you need insurance? Can you run this Business as a sole trader or do you need to be Ltd?

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      blackvillage said,

      Sorry it took me so long to answer. It’s taking a while to get going in terms of selling, but I’m getting there. You’ll need to register with the HSE as a food business, you could contact your local environmental health office for more information. If you’re going to a farmers market then you’re probably going to need product and public liability insurance. Finally, it’s easiest just to run it as a sole trader.

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