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Killarney Farmer’s Market

Today was my second Friday at the farmer’s market in Killarney. The market is still in it’s infancy, just 6 weeks old, so people are still only beginning to discover it. The Irish Open Golf was on in Killarney this week and rather than increase business there was a marked decrease, probably due to locals staying away from the town centre due to expectations of heavy traffic. There were alot of tourist admiring the produce but I guess you can’t do a whole lot of cooking in a hotel room! I’ll definitely be persisting with it as Killarney is a big town and there is certainly potential. Number one complaint so far is my cabbages are too big, with my more elderly customers feeling that they would struggle to carry it too far or people feeling that it would go to waste. I’ll be bringing along a few less mature heads in the future to accommodate this minority.


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Indoor Market

I have been selling at a local indoor market every Sunday for the last 5 weeks.  It has been going pretty well so far, I have generally been increasing my sales every week as I build up a customer base. There are two other vegetable stalls who have been selling there for several years but I am still managing to sell 80-90% of what I carry to the market. It is a small market with usually only 7 or 8 stalls every week but I am finding that it is not easy to get into markets as they usually have enough vegetable sellers already, so I am more than happy to have a place there.

I have also started trading at a larger outdoor farmer’s market on Fridays.  It is a new market in only it’s 5 week so people are just beginning to find out about it. I will post some pictures from it next week.

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