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Hawthorn Hedge

I spent part of today planting a hawthorn hedge. It’s about 100m long and I am using bare-rooted hawthorn whips from Future Forests Nursery, Bantry. There’s a link to their website on the sidebar. They are being planted at 50cm spacings and although 100m sounds like a lot, they go in pretty quickly. Once the whips have been planted they should be cut to within 30cm on the ground, this encourages root growth and causes the plant to produce more side shoots lower down. This means that once established the hedge is not bare towards the base.

When planting bare-rooted plants it is useful to have something to wrap around the base of those which have not yet been planted (I was using a frost protection fleece in this picture). This prevents the wind and sun from drying out the roots which could prove detrimental to the whips and could lead to gaps in a hedge. It would also sensible to have a bucket of water handy in order to soak any roots which look dry.


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