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Overdue Update

I haven’t posted in about 5 weeks so there is much to update on. I just started selling my first produce this week, just lettuce and spring onions at the moment, with new potatoes, cabbage and broccoli coming into maturity in the next few weeks.

The new potatoes are well up and doing well, this picture is looking down a row of Duke of York.

The cabbage (Greyhound) is looking very healthy and should be ready for cutting in two weeks.

The first broccoli (Kabuki F1) seen here to the right of the cabbage is about 2-3 weeks from maturity. There has been a little bit of catterpillar damage so far but nothing major. I’ll start using a caterpillar predator called Bacillus Thurengiensis in the next week or so.

This is a row of mixed salad leaves with a row of butterheads to the left.

Little Gem, a cos lettuce.

Multiplanted spring onions.

The multiplanted blulb onions are also doing well. Weeds tend to congregate close to the base of the onions as this is the trickiest to weed with a hoe, this means tedious hand weeding.

The brussels sprouts (Wellington F1) are also looking extremely healthy. There’s about 160 in this bed for selling around Christmas.


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Wheel Hoe

This is a wheel hoe, another useful piece of equipment for growing vegetables on a small scale. I use it for weeding in between rows of crops and paths between beds. It cuts down considerably on time spent weeding which would otherwise would have to be done with a conventional hand hoe. Utilising a push and pulling motion it will quickly make its way along a path or row, cutting the weeds just below the surface.

The stirrup hoe (seen in the above picture) does the actual cutting of the weeds. It is available in several different sizes which can be changed according to the width of the path or row being weeded.

Here’s a YouTube video showing it in action.

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