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Wheel Hoe

This is a wheel hoe, another useful piece of equipment for growing vegetables on a small scale. I use it for weeding in between rows of crops and paths between beds. It cuts down considerably on time spent weeding which would otherwise would have to be done with a conventional hand hoe. Utilising a push and pulling motion it will quickly make its way along a path or row, cutting the weeds just below the surface.

The stirrup hoe (seen in the above picture) does the actual cutting of the weeds. It is available in several different sizes which can be changed according to the width of the path or row being weeded.

Here’s a YouTube video showing it in action.


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Push Seeder

This is a push seeder, an essential bit of equipment for growing vegetables commercially on a small scale. I use it for sowing carrots, parsnips, beetroot and turnips.

The seeds are placed in the hopper (shown in the second picture), the brush pushes the seeds through a seed plate which has several different size holes, the selection of which depends on the size of the seed being sown and the seeding rate required. They then go down a chute into a drill created by the seeder, the depth of the drill is also adjustable. The drill is covered and then lightly compressed by the rear wheel of the seeder. The seeder also has a row marker which marks out the next row as the previous one is being created.

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